Customer Service Review Questions

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Alyssa Corral
Customer Service
Bruce Fey
Page 282 Review Questions

What are some innate qualities or characteristics that make people unique?

Innate qualities are qualities and characteristics that one is born with and has within them. Some innate qualities that make people unique are race, ethnicity, gender, height, natural hair color, and birth order.

What external or societal factors affect the way members of a group are seen or perceived?

Some external factors that affect the way members are seen the way they dress, talk, act, which religion they support, and how they communicate and treat people.

What are values?

Values are long-term appraisals of the worth of an idea, person, place, thing or practice held by individuals, groups or cultures. They affect attitudes and behavior.

Do beliefs differ from values? Explain.

Beliefs are convictions arising from repetitive experience showing some logical consistency. When beliefs get stronger, they from into principles and philosophies called values. So things start out as beliefs and turn into values that are held onto and passed down

Why would some people be reluctant to make eye contact with you?

There could be a number of reasons why one wouldn’t make eye contact with you. It could be a culteral thing, where it is considered rude to look people in the eye. It could be that they are nervous or shy and feel awkward making eye contact. Or the nonverbal cues that you’re giving off may have them a bit scared or too intimidated to approach you.

When dealing with customers with a disability, how can you best help them?

When dealing with customers with disabilities, the most important thing is to treat them equally as you would with any other customer that walks through the door. Be prepared and informed, be careful not to patronize, refer to the person and not the disability, offer assistance but do not rush to help without them asking, and lastly, be respectful. How can...
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