Customer Service Plan

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Executive Summary

Increased customer satisfaction will bring many benefits to organization. It can contribute to better customer service to customers, increased the profit of customers. Also, the loyalty has been built up through the process of providing good customer services. It can increase the power of competition in market/

In this assignment, we use a cord blood storage company called CROYLIFE Group as a case study. Through this case study, we would understand the market structure of this kind of company in Hong Kong.

Through their customer service planning, we will under the customer needs in this market. Company tries to set up a level of customer service, they will try to provide customer service at this level. It’s because a good customer service can help to enhance satisfactory of customer during purchase goods and service.

After the level is set, organization keeps monitoring and adjusting customer service level because they need to measure performance and find a way to improve as it is under the level. Organization prepares the relevant data, such as customer survey report. Based on this data, organization makes a report of customer service. Then organization will aware the problem and takes action to solve the problem.

On the last part of assignment, there are some suggestions to improve the customer services which are provided by this company. It’s because quality customer service is a way to create profit to organization.

1. Describe the business, its products, services, customers, locations, size, and competitors.

CRYOLIFE is Hong Kong first private cord blood bank was established in 1996 and officially launched in January 1998. As an experienced cord blood bank with a longer history comparing to Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, CRYOLIFE leads the local and Asian cord blood storage industry.

According to the website [1], they try to provide the best cord blood storage service. As a trustworthy and quality cord blood bank, they make a large investment to cord blood storage and application. Also they have several stem cell research programs with local researchers and organize educational seminar regularly to promote the values of cord blood.

CRYOLIFE cord blood storage provides processing, cryopreservation and storage of stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord blood immediately after childbirth. They offer expectant parents an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect and store their newborns' umbilical cord blood for future medical use.

Their customer target mainly focuses on newborn parents. They entrusted their cord blood unit of newborn babies to CRYOLIFE. Up to the end of 2012, there are over 20000 families entrusted their cord blood unit of their newborn. CRYOLIFE maintain as the largest cord blood inventory in Hong Kong.

There are 2 competitors in the market, they are HealthBaby Group and CordLife Group Limited. Especially HealthBaby Group is main competitor of CRYOLIFE. According to Ipsos Healthcare 2009 - 2012 Cord Blood Banking Survey, HealthBaby Group has been entrusted by most HK parents from 2009-2012.

HealthBaby Group is the most accredited cord blood lab in Hong Kong, such as CAP Accreditation (The College of American Pathologists), AABB Accreditation (American Association of Blood Banks) and HOKLAS (The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)

In Hong Kong, parents start to aware the advantage of storing cord blood of newborn babies. As there are only 3 private cord blood storage companies, the potential of this market is large. In the future, many companies will try to enter to this market. The competition will become larger and larger, the good quality of customer service is a power competition power in the market.

2. Describe the needs of the external customers.

Tennant Geoff categorized customers into two classes, they are external customer and internal customer. “An external customer of an...

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