Customer Service of Mcdonald's

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McDonald’s customer services
McDonald’s is the largest chain of fast food Corporation in the world, has become a global most valuable brands. The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by siblings Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California. Is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving more than 58 million customers daily. In addition to its signature restaurant chain, McDonald’s Corporation held a minority interest in Pret A Manger until 2008, was a major investor in the Chipotle Mexican Grill until 2006. And owned the restaurant chain Boston Market until 2007. It employed more than 418000 people in the world. A McDonald's restaurant is operated by either a franchisee, an affiliate, or the corporation itself. The corporation's revenues come from the rent, royalties and fees paid by the franchisees, as well as sales in company-operated restaurants. McDonald's revenues grew 27% over the three years ending in 2007 to $22.8 billion, and 9% growth in operating income to $3.9 billion. McDonald's primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes, and desserts. In response to obesity trends in Western nations and in the face of criticism over the healthiness of its products, the company has modified its menu to include alternatives considered healthier such as salads, wraps and fruit。Its success is based on selling quality products cheaply and quickly.

ii.Bad aspects of customer service
a)If you always go to McDonald’s you will be find the product updates too slow ,always 6 months only once product updates, some customer will be bored when them can not find new taste. And we know the product is important of customer service, if you doesn’t have a quickly product, they customer can not feel satisfaction. McDonald’s can not make new taste fast, that’s say MacDonald’s is not focus on the customer. We know in long term where vision operates, failure to satisfy customer will result facing serious operating problem. b)All products .does not have manuals, fore example you buy the double beef the staff does not tell you about the product’s ingredients, but it have onion. Some customer very bored onion. Any bad experience will make customer not coming again. Now their company is very easy to loss customer, and very difficult to keep them. Due to increased expectations of customer and the competitiveness of the marketplaces. Their companies recognizing the high cost of loss customers. The unfortunate situations are loss of the current dollars, loss of jobs that clients or client provide, loss reputation, loss of future business. c)Whether you are loyal customers or not the staff will use the same way to treated you. That is because McDonald’s use standard operating procedure. Always you not distinguish loyal customer and common customer, the loyal customer will be not satisfaction. They loyal customers have contributed 80 percent consumption, even though it only accounts 20 percent of all customers. They loyal customer is important and the ultimate gold of customer service is to create loyal customer. d)Although children like eat McDonald’s, but the most of parents think the fast food is junk food , McDonald’s is junk food, too. Because the product only have little vegetable and have high calories. e)No matter where are you form, how old are you. They use the same way to service for you, for example some old customer hard of hearing, you must speak slow. But the staff offer use the same speed to service them. And some customer can’t understand English, they used other language to order, you should use the same language to service. An organization should to reduce as much the customer’s stress as possible and create a pleasant customer experience. That way you can developing customer loyalty for life. iii.Good aspects of customer service

a)Most of McDonald’s restaurant have free...
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