customer service nvq unit 1

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Unit 1: Understanding Good Customer Service

1.1- Internal - Manager
- Colleague
- Suppliers

External - Customs
- People who buy from you

1.2- Expectations – To come with a good service on their dog - Satisfaction – To see their dog is happy and has a good cut - Connection – What they expected is what they got

1.3 – Characteristics – Requesting services
- Purchasing goods

1.4 – Brushed teeth, plucked ears in addition to requested services

1.5 – Cut too short or too short
- Injured dog during service

2.1 – Manager (Diane) – Cuts, finishes off the dogs, deals with customers on the phone
Me – De-matt, bath, dry, deal with walk in customers, payments

2.2 – Diane – Telephone enquiries / finishing dogs to customers standards - Me – Prepare dogs for finishing / payments / complaints / customers face to face and on the phone

2.3 – Name, address, contact number, vaccinations, signature, the service they want

2.4 – Internet
- Word of mouth
- Colleagues

2.5 – If I was rude or dismissive or preoccupied on the phone the customers experience would be a bad one and they may not return

If I was polite and helpful their experience would be a good one and they may return

2.6 – Price – lowered to keep some customers
- Not told about skin problems on the dog resulting in cuts - Phone line not working affecting bookings

2.7 – Ant problems would be repeated to Diane

3.1 – Working together ensures smooth running of dealing with customers and services completed on time

3.2 – Hygiene check to be completed on all dogs before service starts - Customer greetings to be polite and friendly
- Final check over dog before returning to owner
- Preparation work to be completed in correct order before cutting

3.3 - They are...
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