Customer Service Model

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Customer Service Model

Customer service is the backbone to most companies in America. Whether it is in house support or customer service aiding customers with questions customer service can make or break a company. I have had some great experiences with customer service representatives and I have had some terrible experiences. Having poor customer service can cause a decline in business because people will not want to have to deal with a company that has poor service. In addition, companies with poor in house support can suffer as well because their employees will not be as productive if they are not being supported efficiently. For this reason it is important to have a strong customer service model. An effective customer service model should be made up of three essential elements quality, expertise, and easy to use technology.

Quality is very important and customer service representatives should pride themselves on the high level of quality service they provide to users and customers. Paying attention to detail, being patient and compassionate are some examples of quality service. Knowledge about the product and company that is being supported is important to be able to provide the best level of support a customer service representative must have extensive training and knowledge. Users can get very frustrated quickly having technology to make the customer service experience less frustrating like instant chat, well staffed call centers and remote access capabilities can help ease the frustration of trying to get a hold of someone for help.
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