Customer Service Issues in a'Famosa

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Report on A’Famosa Resort Customer Service Issues

1.0 Introduction:
A’Famosa Resort, situated in Alor Gajah, Malacca (a strategic and easily accessible location along the North-South Highway, linking to Singapore, Johore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang), is one of the great name holiday living encompasses 1,300 acres of land. It embraces the “Total Resort Living Concept” which offers customer entertainment and relaxation, a leisure paradise in short (A’Famosa 2009). In this report, A’Famosa’s customer services issues have been identified and also given are recommended solutions as it still faces obstacles in customer service.

2.0 Procedure:
A visit to A’Famosa Resort has been conducted on 25th November 2011, Friday. Data collection was done by doing a realistic evaluation and problems faced by the resort were listed down. SERVQUAL analysis (Parasuraman et al., 1988) is used to rank my expectations before going to the resort and perceptions after the visit. Internet research was also done using TripAdvisor viewing customer’s comments regarding A’Famosa Resort (TripAdvisor nd).

3.0 Findings:
Identification of Customer Service Issues faced by A’Famosa Resort
3.1 SERVQUAL Analysis
The SERVQUAL approach (Parasuraman et al., 1988) is being used for this project paper for determining service quality. SERVQUAL is based on the perception gap between the received service quality and the expected service quality provided and identifying customer services issues A’Famosa is facing (Fitzsimmons J 2008). The resulting gap analysis may then be used as a driver for service quality improvement (Fedoroff P nd).

Figure 1: SERVQUAL or Gaps Model

4.1.1 Gap 1: Customers’ expectations versus management perceptions
There is an inadequate market research done by A’Famosa in understanding their customers’ expectations regard on their needs as A’Famosa did not conduct survey and not focused on service quality. A’Famosa has insufficient communication between employees and management, resulting lack of interaction with customers. A’Famosa has not make effort in listening to customer complaints.

3.1.2 Gap 2: Management perceptions versus service specifications
A’Famosa has poor service design as the level of service provided did not exceed the level customer expected. A’Famosa has unsystematic and absence of standardisation in management of formal process for positioning service quality aims. A’Famosa’s design of servicescape is inappropriate and has not meet customer needs.

3.1.3 Gap 3: Service specifications versus service delivery
A’Famosa has deficiencies in service delivery system, which may be caused by reasons such as ineffective recruitment and training, role conflict and role uncertainty. Employees showed no interest and were in doubt as well as displaying low etiquette when serving customers (TripAdvisor 2011).

3.1.4 Gap 4: Service delivery versus external communication
A’Famosa’s advertising has over promising customers and making them feel cheated as did not endow with real information. A’Famosa’s brochures and website for an example, displaying fun and excitement, differ from customer personal experience. A’Famosa starts to lose customers’ loyalty and trust due to this matter. Customers began to stop having a positive impression towards the resort (TripAdvisor 2011).

3.1.5 Gap 5: The discrepancy between customer expectations and their perceptions of the service delivered
Customers of A’Famosa resort will most likely not going to return as their level perceptions are not met (TripAdvisor 2011). Perception is derived from the customer’s satisfaction of the resort. Customers’ expectation can be influenced by available resources such as the internet and the word of mouth from family and friends. Once customers are not satisfied with the service provided by the resort, they would not recommend the...

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