Customer Service in Tourism

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Customer Service in Tourism


The tourism industry has for long been known as one of the most profitable industry in the economic world today. The rapid growth of the said industry has increased in demand thus causing high competition in the sector. It is thus vital that quality customer services be implemented to win tourists in this very competitive industry. According to Noe (2010), customer service defines how people relate to one another in the fulfillment of each other’s needs. There ought to be efficiency in the interaction between tourism service providers and customers. Any service provider that is put in charge of assisting a tourist has sole responsibility to care for the needs of the said tourist and help in any way possible via communicating that they are there to be at the customer’s bidding. If a tourist customer interacts with a tourist firm for the first time, there is a high likelihood that the customer services given to her and the way she or he is assisted will determine whether a good relationship will be formed and continued or not. The objective of any tourism business ought to be the provision of quality and highest standard of customer services. This is very important because it encourages satisfied customers to advertise for ones business. These and more are `some of the analysis impacts of customer service tourism development today. Adherence to these and more has largely contributed to the development of the tourism industry and thus adding to the global economy.

These recommendations ought to be implemented under tourism management policies for purposes of better production in the tourism industry. This will consequently bring about more tourists since they value good customer care and comfort where they go. However, in case the customer care offered is bad, dissatisfied customers are able to spread a bad word about the particular tourist firm in terms of their experience. This can in turn have serious implications on the tourism business in question. Customer service is therefore a very essential factor in the continuing success of any tourism business. The tourism industry today has become more competitive and thus calls for good customer services to attract more tourists. It is thus very important to ensure that customer services in the tourism industry are of high standard so that a good relationship can be attained with the customers and consequently attracting frequent touring and most importantly a good reputation (Myra, 2010).

Analysis of impact of Customer Service in Tourism Development

Since the tourism industry have its visitors as the expectant consumers, most tourism businesses have endeavored to provide satisfactory experiences for its consumers. According to Goeldner (2009), customer care is very important because it impacts the marketing mix and assists in the building and delivering of a competitive advantage in the tourism industry. Where a tourism business provides satisfactory services, this leads to customer satisfaction that consequently leads to repeat business. Repeat business refers to where particular customers tour a particular place and like the quality services they received to the extent they become frequent visitors to that place. Quality customer care has thus led to both customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are the two keys to repeat business as well as long-term profitability. The fact that tourism involves many service transactions that accrue over the course of a trip, quality experience is of paramount importance. Tourism managers therefore endeavor to provide their visitor’s with a holistic package of services, events and activities that bring high levels of satisfaction to the visitors.

Customers in the tourism industry are said to gain high standards of customer service. This is because their holiday experience can be made very...

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