Customer Service: Improving Nonverbal Communication

Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: September 27, 2013
2. What are some of the voice qualities that can affect message meaning? Some listed voice qualities are raspy, hoarse and harsh-sounding. This can affect the meaning of the message because people are less likely to listen to you when your voice quality is as such. Given a negative voice quality people tend to shy away from interaction. If our voice quality is a pleasant one, non-raspy, hoarse or harsh-sounding we are likelier to get our message across. 3. What are some examples of inappropriate work-place attire? Attire is a type of nonverbal communication. What a person wears at work says a lot about them. While at work we need to remember that we are not only representing ourselves but more importantly our company. If a customer feels uncomfortable or offended due to your attire at work they may refuse to come back. Some examples of inappropriate work-place attire is excessive jewelry, tight and short clothing and sometimes even clothing or jewelry that show off beliefs and religion. All of these things may put a damper on the way you and your company is viewed by customers. 5. What are the four spatial distances observed in Western cultures, and for which people or situations are each typically reserved? The four spatial distances are intimate (0-18 inches), personal distance (18inces-4feet), social and work distance (4-12feet) and public distance (12 or more feet). The first distance, intimate, is usually reserved for intimate relationships and family. People are not very fond when strangers enter into their intimate space without invitation. Personal distance is for close friends and co-workers. However, this distance can also be for certain customers with whom we’ve grown close relationships with. Social distance applies to service providers and customers. It is the distance that we use when in face-to-face situations with customers. Lastly public distance. The distance we use when at big events and around strangers. 7. What are some ways in which men...
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