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Customer Service
You are an electrician for a company and you get a service call to this customers house, who is angry about the way his hot water heater was hooked up the first time the company came and did it. This time your boss sends you out to do the service call instead of the original employee who did not meet the customer’s needs. You arrive and their house and once you are welcomed into their home you are immediately yelled at and the company you work for in threatened and that you are not a good electrician. There are a few ways to handle this type of situation.

The way i would deal with this situation would by starting off by trying not to make the situation worse. I would be dressed clean and appropriately for the persons home and would make sure the bottoms of my boots were brushed off at the door or have an extra pair that are clean, with me. I would then proceed by trying to calm the angry customer down and ask him specifically what was wrong or in this case what the water heater was doing that did not meet his needs and standards. I would then ask him what he wanted to be changed and how he wanted it to be done. By this time I would be hoping that the customer would be more relaxed and calm with me, seeing as how I was not the original worker who hooked it up. After i was done the job I would clean up any mess I left and swept the floor if it needed to be swept. I would then ask the customer if it was to his needs and standards and if it was I would apologize for major in convince it may have caused him and would tell him there would be no bill for this call as it was the companies fault in the first place and ask him to please use the service of the company i was working for again in the future.

When entering a customer’s home you need to remember first off treat them as how you would want to be treated if someone was coming into your home. Be polite, nice and respectful. Treat their home how you would want yours to be treated. Don’t...
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