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Topics: Laptop, Customer service, Cyprus Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: December 1, 2011

Here I am going to describe one of the best customer service experience of my life, it is all about the warranty claim of my previous laptop. I was living in Cyprus, Nicosia i purchased a dell studio 1555 laptop from Tepenter Computers (PVT). It was working properly in the 1st year but after that I found a problem, the brightness of its LCD was going lower day by days. So I decided for warranty claim and went Dell support centre (DSC) in Nicosia. When I reached somewhere near to that place I was not able to directly find the place but there was a security guy I asked him, “hey, is here dell support centre” Surprisingly he said yes sir, what do you know about? Can I help you? I never had experience with the security guy like this, because he talks very gently with me. After I saying about my problem, he guided me to the office and introduced to a nice looking lady who was giving very pleasant smile and said Good morning sir, what you want to know? Then I explained the issue with my laptop. The she said Oh don’t worry sir, this is a common issue with this laptop model, and we can help you and so on. But I said that according to my invoice, the warranty period was over. But, she asked me the laptop and checked the product tag and said Sir, you are really lucky, your warranty period is not over yet, and it has 7 days remain. I was really surprised and feel very happy. They never check my invoice; she said that normally they are allocated extra 10-20 days for the warranty period for customer convenience. Then she told that currently they weren’t having LCDs in the stock, and asked me to retain the laptop with them till the required parts come. But, at that time I was very busy with my project work, so I badly need the laptop. So, explain my situation to her, they said that they can give me another laptop as a backup. I was really thanks to them. Then they told me that they will inform me via email and telephone call and it may take...
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