Customer service Chapter 1 and 2

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Chapter 1
Review Questions.
1. Service is the manner in which you and other employees treat your customers and each other as you deliver your company’s deliverables. 2. In the past when many people worked on the farms, small artisan and business owner provide customer service to their neighbors. Many small towns and villages had their own blacksmith, general stores, barbershop, and similar service oriented establishments owned and operated by people living in the town. For people living in more rural areas, peddlers of kitchenware, medicine, and other goods made their way from on location to another location to serve their customers and distributed various products. 3. Businesses have changed dramatically as the economy has shifted from a dependence on manufacturing to a focus on providing timely quality service. The development of international quality standard by which effectiveness is measured in many multinational organizations. Because of the multinational nature of the business, many companies choose to use outsourcing customer service function. 4. Following are some of the causes of the changing business environment in recent decades: Global economic shifts

Shifts in the population and labor force
Increased efficiency in technology
Deregulation of many industries
Geopolitical changes
Increase in the number of white-collar workers
More women are entering the workforce
A more racially and ethnically diverse population is entering the workforce More older workers entering the workforce
Growth in e-commerce
5. Company culture includes the dynamic nature if the organization and encompasses the values and beliefs that is important to the organization and its employees and manager. The experience, attitudes, and norms cherished and upheld by the employees and teams within the organization set the tone and manner in which service is delivered and how service providers interact with both internal and external customers. 6. During the hiring process, a thorough screening process will be likely used to identify skills, knowledge, and aptitudes. Without motivated, competent worker, any planning, policy, and procedure change or system adaptation will not make a difference in customer service. 7. Quality and quantity are two factors related to an organization’s products or deliverables that can lead to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. 8. When organization selects a delivery method for products and services, organizations examine the following factors. Industry standards

Customer expectation
Current and projected requirements
9. The six key components of a customer service environment are: 1. The customer
2. Organizational culture
3. Human resources
4. Products/deliverables
5. Delivery systems
6. Service
10. Many organizations are changing to learning organizations, because systems and processes are continuously examined and updated. Learning from mistake, and adapting accordingly, is crucial for organization’s success. Search it out

Listing of Books on topics introduce in this chapter
A Guide to Customer Service Skills for the Service Desk Professional Customer Service and Professionalism: Twenty-five Successful, Professional Women Share Their Powerful Tips for Image, Attitude, and Behavior in the Workplace Customer Service for Professionals in Health Care

Customer Tells: Delivering World-Class Customer Service by Reading Your Signs and Signals Invisible Profits: The Power of Exceptional Customer Service Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition

Sales and Service for the Wine Professional
Survival Spanish for Customer Service
The Compassionate Geek: Mastering Customer Service for I. T. Professionals Winning the Professional Services Sale
Three companies that I believe have adapted a positive customer service 1. BMW
2. Toyota
3. General Motors
Face to Face
1. I think I have people skill; I try to explain the thing in a way they can understand without using...
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