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Chapter 3 - Consider this Case

The Boss’s Great Idea (pg. 57)

1. What should Mario do to get his employees thinking about the better listening ideas described in the chart?

What Mario should do to get his employees thinking about the better listening ideas is to make a quick meeting before work and altogether read the better ideas and create scenarios for each one to give examples as to what is meant by each one.

2. How likely is it that people will recognize and change their behaviors based on this brief sage? What else could Mario do?

It is likely that by doing this the employees will recognize and change the behaviors. Another way to reassure they do is by giving incentives to the best customer service performer during a period of time such as a gift card or VIP parking space.

3. What do you think of Marilyn’s listening, based on this brief description? Do you know people who communicate like she did? How do you react?

I think from the brief description that Marilyn is a horrible listener. Thankfully I do not know people like that because I do not allow myself, but if someone were to communicate like that I would not respond nor comply so the person understands that is not a productive and positive way of communicating.

4. To what extent are your own listening skills reflective of the poor or effective listener described in the chart?

My listening skills are reflective of the effective side of listening as to I comply with almost all of the characteristics in the chart of the effective listener.

Consider This Case (pg. 76) - Chapter 4

Critique this Call

1. What was accomplished by Dallin’s greeting?

A sense of direction and clearing up confusion, also making them feel good by being politely greeted.

2. What did Kristine fail to do in her opening remarks?

Kristine failed to say exactly what she wanted and she was also not prepared to ask the question she needed to find the answer.

3. What information did Kristine need to make this a successful conversation? How well prepared was she?

Kristine needed the information of all the places that she wanted information about since the beginning. Also she needed to research the company before calling in order to see if it could have been done online and all the info needed was online since the beginning. She was not prepared at all.

4. How well did Dallin handle the call? What specifically did he do well?

Dallas handled the call extremely well. He specifically asked the right questions to find out what the customer really needed, found the problem, and gave options to the solutions.

5. What would you do differently if you were Kristine? If you were Dallin?

If I were Kristine i would have gone online to check out everything before calling without any knowledge. If I were Dallin I would have not done anything differently.

6. Did you notice the ways Dallin reassured the customer? Why is that important?

Yes, it is important because it gives a sense of security and confidence to the customer. Also it gives a reminder of what the point of the conversation is.

7. How was the overall efficiency of this call?

The overall efficiency of the call was good, thanks to Dallin.

Consider This Case (pg. 77) - Chapter 4

Identify the Errors in Garth’s Call

Problem 1: was not received well: person who picked up was very unprofessional putting him immediately on hold.

Problem 2: Garth was put on hold repeatedly and given the same answer: ill ask the owner now

Problem 3: Person who received the call was focused on customers in the store not on the call.

Problem 4: The employee did not know the status of the cars on the lot and did not try to help the customer buy a car.

Consider This Case

Weeding Out the Unprofitable Customer

1. To what extent do you think Bruno’s approach will work?

2. What are some possible negative side-effects of implementing such a system?

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