Customer Service and Care

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Executive summery
The following report provides an evaluation and an analysis of customer service and its care and the accomplishment of customer value and satisfaction in the hospitality industry. The report is made by observing the research of different writers and their works. It gives the idea of customer service to what it is with the help of research in one of the hospitality sector. The report shows why customers are the only business to the company. It shows some of the important areas to be considered while focusing on customer service, which are staff training and development, customer satisfaction and retention, customer focus and service quality and service standard and procedures.

Customer Service 1. Introduction:
The following report gives the brief idea about customer service and its care followed in hospitality sector. A critical review of approaches towards the customer service and its care, and the achievement of the customer value and satisfaction in the hospitality industry are seen in the following report. The report also helps to identify the difference between the customer and the consumer and how it can be made better to improve its service. The report shows the area that the company has to maintain in order to deliver satisfying customer service. It tells the meaning 0f customer service and its importance, the role of the customers’ loyalty and the employees’ participation. Therefore to support this report, research has been made and company which has been observed is, The Holiday Inn City West, Edinburgh. The hotel comprises of 101 rooms including 18 junior suites. With the distance of only 5 mile from the airport and less than 2 mile from the city centre, it is easily accessible. The location of the hotel provides the fantastic view of the city or Pentland Hill. The hotel offer both A La Carte and Table D'hote menus with the facility of kids stay and eat for free. With the 80 onsite car parking facility for complementary along with new technology and refurbished meeting networks, the hotel is perfect for organising meeting, wedding and conference. The hotel can cater up to 130 delegates in a theatre style in conference room. The hotel offers different packages called the ‘Hotel Packages’ according to the rates of the hotel.

2. Methodology:
This report has been prepared by observing the academic secondary research containing books which provides the knowledge and the ideas of different writers and internet research because the hotel website provides the up to date data about the hotel and the primary research of practical experience (six months of placement in Holiday Inn City West, Edinburgh). Along with the facilities provided by the hotel, the hotel lays a great emphases on the customer services to provide excellent service in order to satisfy the customer as customer is the only business and profit to the company and as according to Daffy, (2001) all the profit comes from the customer that is if no profit then no business, if no customer then no profit, so if no customer then no business. Therefore the customers are the only business.

Therefore to maintain the customer service the company has focus on the following:
2.1. Customer focus:
According to Reichheld (1996), the success to the company’s long term financial is created by the company’s employees, investor and customer loyalty. Hence to maintain the customer loyalty good service worth the value should be provided to the customer as it is more expensive to get a new customer then those of the existing one. According to Miller (2007) states that the recovery of the mistakes will determine whether the customer would like to continue to do business with the company. About 75% customers will come back if the problems are resolved as per their satisfaction and 95% of the customers will return if the problem is solved on the spot. Hence, it can be seen that the...
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