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It is no secret that some companies aim to look after their customers well, ensuring that the customer is at the heart of their business and everything they do. In marketing terms this is called being customer focused. It is important to realise that customers can take their business anywhere they want to and if they are not satisfied they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is very important to understand who our customers are, their expectations of the service they experience and how that effects future choices and decisions that they might make. Companies that are customer focused often like to ensure that the following things are achieved and addressed to make sure the customer experience is positive. • Comply with hygiene, health and safety laws in relation to keeping the environment safe from harm for all customers. • Exceed their customers’ expectations by always providing value for money and creating a feeling of offering more than expected. • Treat customers with respect by always being polite, honest, truthful and respectful. • Do not just aim to satisfy - they aim to delight.

• Provide solutions to problems – never say there is a reason why the customer’s complaint cannot be addressed. • Consistently deliver outstanding service to their customers - always exceeding expectations. • Make customers feel that they are the most important part of their business - which they are. (Customer Service is about achieving the above and making sure those customers feel that it is a pleasure to do business with you. This means that the customer will return again, a key benefit to the organisation and staff.) Why is Customer Service so Important?

Customer Service has become a very important part of many businesses, and can often make a difference in the choice a customer makes between suppliers of identical or very similar products. Many hotels and restaurants have the same facilities, equipment and range of products and...
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