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Customer service (Unit 4)
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Customer service is the sum-total of what an organization does to meet customers’ expectations and produce a customer satisfaction. This is a provision of services to customers in the process and lead up when making a purchase. It is based on skills and activities designed to up lift the level of customer satisfaction that is, the feelings that a product has met exactly what the customer wants/ needs. Task 1

According to Turban et-al (2002) "customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction - that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation". It is also providing everyone who is in need of your service with a solution or a satisfactory answer that will ensure the satisfaction while protecting your personal ethnics and value, and to achieving customer’s loyalty. The CBI director - General John Cridland called on British businesses to put customer service at the heart of their strategy to build confidence and long term recovery. Speaking at the 5th AGM of the institute of customer services, John Cridland said, "Customers want to deal with organizations they can trust to keep their promises. The organization who will achieve long - term sources are those that put the customers experience at the heart of their strategic and operation" (AGM, 2012). Customer service is the single most important aspect of any call center organization. Whether its purpose is sales or help desk support, and whether its focus is in bond, out bond or a combination of both customer service is the corner stone of any company's philosophy, which states "quality can never be made up for in quantity" (Passell, 2008). "We understand that excellent customer service increase customer loyalty which then boosts profitability and driven growth" (Ford, 1998). Laurence Hatch states that, "the drive of terrific, mind-blowing 'no excuses' customer service actually derives personal satisfaction from being impeded, disadvantaged, rushed stressed, and even embarrassed" (Hatch, 2007). Finally Sharon Burton talks about quality in customer servicing as she talks on customer servicing in being "timed delivery, great service, strong support, a representative able to work with all types of customers, and the catalyst extending to repeat businesses and referral (Burton, 2007). 1.2 Customer service policy and details:

Throughout all contact with customers, staff should aim to meet their needs through professionals, courteous and efficiency services. Customers should be advised how long a service should take to achieve the expected outcomes. If a delay occurs the customers should be advised and staff should take action to overcome any possible delay. Staff should always be trained on a regular basis as difficulties arise in order to edge out competitors and gain...

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