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Customer Service Questionnaire (step 5 of 6)
Screening Questions|
This questionnaire has been designed to help us to understand whether the role of customer assistant is right for you, as well as help you to understand more about what it might be like to work for Tesco. Based on actual experiences of Tesco customer assistants, each question describes a situation that you might find yourself in while at work. You should imagine yourself as a customer assistant in each situation and select one of the three options. The one you select is the option you would do in each of the given situations.| |

*Question 1
You are refilling a section of shelves in the store which you need to have completed before your break. Your manager approaches you and asks you to take your break an hour earlier as one of your colleagues needs to leave early today.Answer A: Agree to change the time of your break and ask if a colleague can finish refilling the section. Answer B: Tell your manager that you cannot change the time of your break as you need to finish refilling the shelves. Answer C: Agree to change the time of your break and check with your manager that you can finish refilling the section after your break.|         |

*Question 2 
You have been serving at the checkout during your shift. It has been a quiet morning and the store has not had many customers. There are no customers waiting to be served at your checkout. A customer on the checkout next to you is struggling to pack their shopping.

Answer A: Leave your checkout and help the customer to pack their shopping. Answer B: Find a colleague to help the customer to pack their shopping.  Answer C: Take the opportunity to have your break while there are no customers to serve.|         |

*Question 3
You are refilling shelves when you notice a customer putting products in a bag that they are carrying rather than a basket or a trolley. The customer could be intending to pay for the products at the checkout but you are unsure.

Answer A: Do not approach the customer and assume that they will pay for the items when they get to the checkout. Answer B: Go and tell a colleague what the customer is doing and that you think they are shoplifting. Answer C: Make the customer aware of the staff presence in the store by approaching them and asking if they would like any help.|         |

*Question 4
You are just about to go on your lunch break. A customer asks you to help them with their shopping. Helping the customer will mean taking a shorter lunch break.

Answer A: Quickly tell the customer where the main products are and go on to take your lunch break. Answer B: Help the customer with their shopping and ask your manager if the time of your lunch hour can be changed to later because you were helping a customer. Answer C: Tell the customer that they should find another member of staff to help as you are about to take your lunch break.

*Question 5
You usually work in the fruit and vegetables section but the clothing section will have a shortage of staff for three days next week. Your manager asks you to work in the Clothing section while they need the extra help.

Answer A: Spend a few hours making sure you understand the new tasks that you will be doing in the clothing section. Answer B: Find a colleague to replace you in the clothing section as you would be uncomfortable working somewhere you have not worked before. Answer C: Hope that you will understand the new tasks in the clothing section when you start.|         |

*Question 6
Your manager asks you to cover your colleague’s work as they are off sick. You already have a full day’s work planned.

Answer A: Agree on the most important tasks for the day with your manager. Answer B: Finish your work first and then fit your colleague’s tasks in if you have time. Answer C: Concentrate on the tasks that are your normal daily responsibilities.|        ...
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