Customer Satisfaction of Banglalink

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A report on

“Customer Satisfaction Of Banglalink”

Submitted to:

Dr. Mamun Habib
Course Instructor,
Research Methodology; Sec: C; AIUB

Prepared BY:


▪ Huda Md. Nazmul08-11678-2

▪ Rahman Md. Masudur08-11030-2

▪ Imranuzzaman Md.08-11471-2

▪ Shahzahan Masum Bin08-11636-2

▪ Haque Shajabul08-11554-2

▪ Munsi Md. Hasan (Sec: E)08-11417-2

▪ Hasan Md. Khalid08-11024-2


Date of Submission: April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

Dr. Mamun Habib
Course teacher,
Research methodology; Sec: C; AIUB

Subject: Request to accept the research paper.

Dear Sir

We have the privilege to present our group work set by yourself & permitted by your guidance. We are obliged to you for giving us such an opportunity to make a study on the topic named “Customer Satisfaction of Banglalink”.

Finally we seek your favorable consideration as for permitting us to submit this report before you.

Yours truly,

Huda Md. Nazmul (08-11678-2)

{ On the behalf of the Group}


This study is the outcome of a research work. At first we want to thank The Almighty who has created us and gave up ability to do a type of research work.

We are thankful to them who have spontaneously assisted us in conduction the research. Specially, we are thankful to our honorable teacher Dr. Mamun Habib course instructor of Research Methodology; Sec: C; AIUB. He helped us in every step of starting and completing our research paper promptly. Without His help it was impossible for us to complete the research.

We are thankful to all those people who co-operate us with their kind patience. We are also thankful to all those people who helped us for collecting Information to survey.

We are thankful to all the group members of the group. Without their help we would not able to complete our study successfully.

We like to thank our friends who directly and indirectly helped us a lot by providing different information.


Banglalink is one of the biggest mobile phone companies at Bangladesh. It started its operation in February 2005. Previously it was known as Sheba telecom Pvt L.T.D that had been GSM (Global Service of mobile) Service in Bangladesh since 1998. Orascom Telecom brought 100% share of Sheba telecom in 2004 & gave it new name as Banglalink.

Every company’s existence depends on its customers. So, each and every company tries to satisfy & retain its customers providing attractive services. So, we’ve conducted our research on the customers of Banglalink to find the satisfaction level towards the company. As the satisfaction level indicator we used the following contents:

← Customer’s satisfaction towards the Banglalink, indicating the strength of Banglalink.

← Customer’s dissatisfaction towards the Banglalink; factors need to be improved.

Today’s market is highly competitive. So, every time competitors try to find the weakness & want to beat those points.

So, the company should take customer feedback on continuous basis. That’s why excessive market research is required. Finding the customer’s demand & recommendation will help to take right decision.

Table of Content

1. Chapter-1 (Introduction)(6-10)

▪ Introduction of the study 6

▪ Research Objective 7

▪ Limitation of the study 8

▪ Significance of the study 8

▪ Scope of research 8-9

▪ Statement of Problem 9

2. Chaptre-3 (Research Framework) 10

3. Chapter-4 (Research Methodology)(11-13)

▪ Methods of research used 11

▪ Respondents & sampling procedures 11-12

▪ Research Instruments 12

▪ Statistical Treatment of Data 13...
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