Customer Satisfaction

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Environmental Issues – Page 3

Results from the surveys of Targets in Maryland – Page 5

Employee Survey – Page 11

Satisfaction Levels – Page 15

Recommendations for Target – Page 15

Appendix – Customer Service Survey Used
Appendix – Employee Survey Used

Environmental Issues

- Social Responsibility - Targeting the Community -
From national partnerships to local initiatives to their own programs, Target is committed to making its communities better places to live. And so they support the arts by sponsoring free attendance days, encouraging team members to volunteer and donate generously to charities, and have created initiatives that make a profound impact, including Take Charge of Education®, which has raised more than $150 million for schools since 1997. Or Start Something®, their partnership with the Tiger Woods Foundation that helps kids build character as they identify and achieve their dreams. From the beginning, Target Corporation has given 5% of pretax profits to good causes; today they're giving back over $2 million a week to education, the arts and social services. - Environmental Philosophy -

Target recognizes that they have a responsibility—as team members, as a company, and as global citizens—to minimize their environmental footprint. Target has sought ways to reduce waste, use energy more efficiently, and operate more sustainable. They are proud of their accomplishments and continually improving, one store at a time.

One way they're improving the quality of their buildings and reducing their impact on the environment is by following the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System for some new Target stores. (

Everything from raw materials to packaged products is seen as a valuable asset to protect. Through comprehensive recycling and reuse programs, waste has been cut by more than 70%. This is a huge step toward their goal of becoming a "zero waste" company. - In 2005, Target -

•Reused 92% of our garment hangers (that's 376 million hangers!) and recycled 2.3 million pounds of plastic and 260,000 pounds of metal from broken hangers. •Recycled 1 billion pounds of cardboard, the largest portion by weight of our recycled materials. •Recycled 3.7 million pounds of shrink wrap at our distribution centers. •Recycled 21,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries collected from guests. This program provides a safe and convenient option for Target guests to dispose of batteries containing hazardous components. •Found recycling opportunities for 1.6 million pounds of metal store fixtures and 54,000 broken shopping carts. ( - Energy Efficiency -

Every Target store is operated using an integrated energy management system. Corporate-wide energy-conservation practices, including the installation of more energy-efficient refrigeration controls in 2005, saved an additional 36 billion BTUs—enough to power 1,500 homes. •As a voluntary member of the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program, Target has estimated its annual carbon emissions (2 million metric tonnes from energy usage) and is working to set a reduction goal for greenhouse gas emissions. •Energy-efficient fluorescent lamps are used throughout our stores, a first in the retail industry. •Motion-sensor lighting in our stockrooms keep areas lit only when needed. •Energy use for lighting, refrigeration equipment, heating and cooling is carefully monitored to be as efficient as possible. •When economically feasible, energy is purchased from renewable sources. •Three Los Angeles stores draw 20% of their electricity needs from their own rooftop solar-panel systems. ( - 2005 Awards -

Recycler of the Year, International Council of Shopping Centers

First Place, National Award for Waste Reduction, Keep America Beautiful

Recycler of the Year, Michigan Recycling Coalition...
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