Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Sampling, Quality of service, Business process reengineering Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1.1. Background of the study
Service is an intangible commodity. Service sector plays an important role for society’s welfare. Service sector includes educational service, medical service, transportation service, recreation service, public service, security service and so on… (Encarta Premium 2009) The key component of business is providing quality service for its customers. Quality service requires one way of follow up of the dynamic in the internal and external business environment through information gathering and analyzing to increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction with service quality can be evaluated by comparing presumption of service received with expectation of the service needed.(Google) In the case of COBE library, when it begins to provide service, it was only provides library service, but, now it gives various services. While in the expanding of the service it faces a number of constraints. These are complicated service hours, incompetent personnel, and poor performance. In general, customer satisfaction is a critical issue in the success of any business system. Persons feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing quality of services performance in relation to his/her expectation.

1.2. Statement of the problem
Service quality and customer satisfaction are the major issues for any business company that deliver service. People complain about late deliveries incomplete personnel, complicated service hour, poor performance and complicated procedures. BDU COBE library give different service for their customers. Among them Internet, news paper, documentation, and Periodicals (magazine) are the most one. Even though, there is a number of problems in the library that make dissatisfy their customers like bad network connection, less number of computers, less number of periodicals and documentation. Recently BDU introduce various measures including structural change such as BPR to improve their service profile in...

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