Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Quality of service, Customer service, Customer Pages: 44 (13659 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Abadh Jibi Ghimire




CENTRAL OSTROBOTHNIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Unit for Technology and Business, KokkolaPietarsaari

Date June 2012

Author Abadh Jibi Ghimire

Degree programme Degree programme in Tourism Name of thesis SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS Case Study of Restaurant Sagarmatha in Vantaa Instructor Pages Purna Chandra Adhikari 53+4 Supervisor Katarina Broman This thesis was done in Vantaa, in the Nepalese restaurant Sagarmatha located in Helsinki. The working life instructor of the thesis was Purna Chandra Adhikari, the manager of the Restaurant Sagarmatha. The aim of the thesis was to give quality service and make the customer satisfied. In the food industry there are fewer opportunities for building up competitive benefits unless knowledge applying to the business environment is analyzed. Meantime, there is price pressure caused by the absence of opportunities for product differentiation, product identification and product acquaintance, particularly in Finland. At the moment, there are more than six hundred ethnic restaurants in Helsinki only, and Vantaa, as a gateway to Finland, has more than fifty ethnic restaurants. The customers for these ethnic based restaurants are mainly office workers, travelers, tourists, free movers and business. People depending on the taste and service, customers select to visit these restaurants. Service Quality and Customer satisfaction can be seen as main themes in the organization. This service quality and customer satisfaction are in a mutual relationship. This is a modern age and the customers have different desires and needs. So, to offer the quality services and make them satisfied are the main responsibilities of the organization. If the customers are satisfied with the services and goods offered by the organization, then it also the benefits the organization. The research method used in this thesis was quantitative with a questionnaire survey and qualitative with a structured interview. Only one survey was made related to quality service and customer satisfaction. In specific, the research method used was user/visitor survey. The survey was carried out during November and December 2011. Similarly the Structured interview was taken during November and December 2011. In total, 30 service quality and customer satisfaction service questionnaires were collected. The questionnaire was available in English. Most of the respondents were female above 26. Key words Customer satisfaction, qualitative research, restaurant business, service quality

ABSTRACT TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Aim of the thesis 1.2 Limitations of the study 1.3 Research methodology 1.4 Thesis structure 2 SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 2.1 Overview of customer satisfaction 2.2 Importance of customer satisfaction 2.3 Customer relationship skills to attain customer satisfaction 2.4 Service quality 2.5 Managing customer complaints to improve customer satisfaction 2.6 Benefits of satisfying customer complaints 3 RESEARCH PLAN 3.1 Customer satisfaction research in Restaurant Sagarmatha 3.2 Research questions 3.3 Research process 4 NEPALESE FOODS 4.1 Nepalese food restaurants in Helsinki 4.2 Introduction to the case organization 4.3 Food items in Restaurant Sagarmatha 4.4 Positioning of Restaurant Sagarmatha 4.5 Sagarmatha Nepalese Restaurant as brand 4.6 SWOT analysis of Restaurant Sagarmatha 5 QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY IN RESTAURANT SAGARMATHA 5.1 Planning and conducting the survey 5.2 Background information of the respondents 5.3 Customer satisfaction in services 5.4 Opinions on Restaurant Sagarmatha 6 CONCLUSIONS 6.1 Summary 6.2 Conclusions 6.3 Suggestion for improving services and facilities in restaurant...
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