Customer Relationship Management in Sales

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 30, 2014
As the sales process has evolved over the years and the focus has shifted from the product to the customer, customer relationship management has become one of the most important models for a salesman to follow throughout the sales process. A meaningful relationship built on trust and ethical practices sets the ground for a win-win situation, long-term success, and most importantly added value to the customer experience.

Building and maintaining relationships is part of almost everyone’s daily life. It is a task that requires diligence and a level of comfort, which like most things, takes time. The same is true in a sales environment. The customer needs to feel that the salesman has their best interests in mind, something that has become an increasingly difficult obstacle to pass because of this heavily stereotyped industry. One of the most important skills a salesman should exhibit first and foremost is being a good listener. This shows the customer you truly care about their needs and wants, and not only about making the sale. Proper verbal as well as nonverbal communication is critical throughout the process. A customer should leave a meeting feeling important and excited about what the salesman can bring to the table in the future. Demonstrating a level of expertise with the product being sold, as well as the company and brand behind it, is also crucial in making the customer feel confident in a salesman’s abilities. With this brings a level of trust.

Most positive relationships are formed upon a foundation of trust. In a blog post from RAIN Selling, the author notes, “Continually setting, and meeting, expectations is one of the easiest and most direct ways to build the strong, trusted relationships you need to close deals.” Not showing up for a scheduled event wastes everyone’s time involved and greatly depletes trust in a relationship. Gaining trust takes time while losing can take none. The simple things like being on time help build trust and show the...
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