Customer Relations Individual Work Week 5

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Money Pages: 3 (505 words) Published: May 14, 2015

A Dissatisfied Customer
LaQuisha Johnson
Customer Relations & Servicing
Instructor: Lori Wortylko
Everest University

A Dissatisfied Customer
As a customer, describe two complaints you have had in the past six months regarding a company you’ve purchased from. If you have not had a bad purchase experience in the past six months, you may create a potential scenario or use that of a friend or family member. In the last six months regarding a company by the name of Dollar General that I often shop at for things like personal items, hair products like relaxer hair kits, and baby products such as pampers and wipes. When I got to the counter and was paying for the items the cash clerk tried to over charge me and pocket the exacter money for his own use. I was went my mother at the time of the event. She and I was both unpleased and we pointed it out to the man behind the counter he said that he didn’t notice the discounts that were applied to the paying price. It was the way he said it that lead me and my mother to believed that was not the case and that he has done this to other customers before me and got away with it because the others customers didn’t know what it was he was doing. Once living the store I called the customer service number listed on the receipt and made the complaints on the cash clerk how he tried to have me pay more than what it was to pay for the items I also informed them that it wasn’t the first time he had done it that there were other customers he had done it to. They asked his description so that they could look into the matter they also asked for my contact number as to inform me of the results. Did you handle these complaints by contacting the company? Why or why not? Yes I’d handle the complaints on the service clerk by calling into the company and letting them know that one of their employees was ripping side cash form the customers and pocketing the excess money he got from the me and other customers. The...
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