Customer Is Always Right

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Sales Pages: 8 (2638 words) Published: April 10, 2010
A business’s keeness to put customers first
Important to reach a business’s objectives and goals Customer is the main source of revenue
Important to follow the policy in order to retain customers To retain company’s image and reputation
Avoid bad public relation
Avoid customer desertion
Avoid law suits
Leads to higher profitability
10.Satisfied and happy customers will promote your products or services 11.Having your customers as ambassadors help you expand your business quickly 12.Helps company to operate more efficiently in long run

13.Listening to complaints or feedbacks will help a business to identify and ammend its weakness. 14.Customers whose complaints are attended to are more likely to be returning customers. 15.Lowers employees’ morale

16.Unfair to employees
17.Reduces a business’s profitabilty
18.Demanding customers are a waste of time and resources
19.Time used to deal with over-demanding customers can instead be used for potential good ones instead. 20.Employees should be well equipped with training to improve customer service. 21.Customers who are angry and unsatisfied will resort to a business’s rivals. Argument 2 : Obtain higher profitability in the long term. Argument 3 : It helps the business to operate more effectively in the future. Counter Argument 2 : It creates unhappy employees, lowers employees morale and motivation to work. Thesis Statement : Is is important for businesses to always have the policy that the customer is right because it will retain a company’s image, uphold its reputation, leads to a higher profit and enables the business to operate more effectively. Topic Sentence 1 : Retain a company’s image and reputation. Supporting statement:

1) It will be quicker to reach a business’s objectives and goals. 2) Avoid unwanted situations such as negative publicity, desertion by customers and legal suits. Topic Sentence 2 : Obtain higher profitability in the long term. Supporting statement:

1) Customers whose complaints are attended efficiently will most likely be returning customers; there will be brand loyalty. 2) Unhappy customers are most likely to tell their unsatisfaction to others and the business will risk losing potential clients to their rivals. Topic Sentence 3 : It helps the business to operate more effectively in the future. Supporting statement :

1) Negative feedbacks can be used as constructive criticism for improvement. 2) Customers will remain loyal if their feedbacks are taken into consideration and they will not defect to a business’s rival. Topic Sentence 4 : Some customers are more troubles than they are worth. Supporting Statement :

1) In the midst of satisfying customers, business profitablity will drop due to the need to rectify problems and givecompensations. 2) Some customers are just wasting your time and resources. Topic Sentence 5 : It creates unhappy employees

Supporting statement :
1) It lowers employees’ morale.
2) It lowers employees’ motivation to work.
Refutation :
1) Although the policy will cause businesses to spend more time and resources in dealing with demanding customers, it will garner higher customer loyalty and expand the consumer base. 2) Despite that the policy may create unhappiness among employees, it is their job to ensure that customer satisfaction comes first above others. Conclusion:

Thepolicy is important to all businesses because it not only generate higher profits but also maintain it’s image and reputation alongside to an effective opperation Topic Sentence 1 : First of all, it will retain the company image and reputation. 1) It will avoid negative image of public relation.

2) Save cost as possible legal suits can be prevented.
3) Desertion by the customers can be avoided.
*Topic Sentence 2 : Second*ly*, it wil*l increase profitability....
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