Customer Expectations and Customer Service

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What are some factors that project a company’s culture? List some examples.
Culture is a composite of many factors that project the shared values of the people who work in a firm. Thus, the way an employer behaves his/her employees will be similar to the way the employees will behave the customers. In order to achieve this, there are some subtle behaviors that can send the most powerful messages to the customers. These involve the prompt initiation of the conversation, verbal greeting, getting customer committed which are all to welcome the customer as a guest. Hi is a good word with a smile on face to greet. Apart from these, icebreakers are also important which dispel the suspicious thoughts of the customers by using some compliments, comments about current issues or a small talk about sports, cars etc. Mentioning about the last night’s football or NBA match can break the ice. When doing so, calling people with their name can help a lot build loyalty with the customers. The use of eye contact will again let you concentrate on your job better. Some other behaviors to project the culture involve the use of kind words like please, thank you, you are welcome; reassuring and smiling at the customers; and for the first impression dressing attractively.

What are the three major elements that complicate listening? Give customer-service related examples of each.
The three elements that complicate listening comprise the internal, environmental and interactional elements. To start with, internal elements involve the use of words at a level that the hearer can hear, and the most importantly, can understand. Talking loudly and nonsensely or meaninglessly can totally deviate your customers from doing business with your company. The customer services on the phone can result in such scenario if the voice of the customer rep is too low or too loud, or the line is not clear or s/he uses very technical words that the receiver cannot understand. Secondly, the environmental...
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