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In the term of customer data, technology now day give a big role to evaluate the concepts by the overall to moving ownership of the customer when they are away from the individual departments and different it at the enterprise level. In the customer relationship management concept, individual that in the each department has responsible for the customer. The success factor for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is by deploying technology that provides various levels of data access between the all CRM. What is the main point here is Data is important to identifying customers from technology that have now days.



Figure : Architectural of a CRM Solution


Every organization or enterprise must have three types of data to them to effectively manage their customer relationship: 1.1 Descriptive data
1.2 Relationship data
1.3 Contextual data
To identifying customers, organization or enterprise must understand how these information types interact to achieve their goal and gain profit from the effective way.

Descriptive Data

Descriptive Data
* Demographic
* Lifestyle
* psychographic

Descriptive Data refer to the customer itself which can be an individual such as students, a household and so on. In this descriptive data included the demographic, lifestyle and psychographic data because all of these three types describe about the customer itself. This is very important so that organization know their customers because the information about the customer can create relationships and connecting by using the technology approach. When focused on the customers, the information is common across the various industries and relationship even though some elements will be more important in certain industries than others. Many of this data come from the operational systems within the organization or from the external data providers.

Relationship data
In these...
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