Customer Centricity at Emc

Topics: Sales, Business process management, Process management Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: October 31, 2011
This case introduces the concept of customer centricity and traces its development at EMC, the world's leading data storage hardware and information management Software Company. EMC's customers had historically relied on EMC salespeople to guide them through the complex, consultative buying process. However, with the rise of social media, prospective customers are getting more of the information they require earlier in the purchase process online. As they do so, their physical interactions with EMC salespeople are decreasing, while their digital interactions are increasing. Given the changing business environment, BJ Jenkins, senior vice president of Global Marketing, faces significant challenges as he tries to maintain EMC's culture of customer centricity. These include 1) translating EMC's platinum service levels, designed to appeal to the world's largest companies, to small businesses and B2C customers, 2) understanding how the replacement of physical interaction with digital interaction in the consultative selling process affects EMC's business, and 3) managing a VAR sales model that distances EMC from its customers. Overview

EMC Consulting Customer Centricity services provide a framework for more effectively dealing with customer data, processes, and interactions to improve customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value. Challenges

Approaches to customer information management were often driven by independent, product-driven processes. These approaches resulted in fragmented views of the customer and significant redundancies in both customer management processes and customer information storage. To solve this problem and enhance customer relationships, companies are shifting to customer-centric information management. Our Approach

EMC Consulting provides an architecture for the processing and management of customer information, regardless of the entry point or channel. Customer Centricity business services can help you: * Establish a core...
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