Customer Centricity

Topics: Loyalty business model, Consultative selling, Understanding Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Dear All

We have embarked on this journey to make Customer Centricity the business model for how we operate. You would have recently gone through the Customer Centricity Training. Customer Centricity is a continuous journey to keep Customers at the center of everything we do.

By seeing PNB MetLife through our customers' eyes and reducing the effort they have to expend, PNB MetLife will create competitive advantage as targeted customers come to us, stay with us and buy more from us What is Customer Centricity?

Customer Centricity is a strategic choice the company has made on how we want to run our business. This requires listening to our customers’ needs, repairing what’s broken, and delivering simplified experiences to them. This will differentiate us in the marketplace, and deliver long-term, profitable growth.

How Will We Get There?
Becoming Customer Centric means viewing things from our customers’ perspective, ensuring that everyday interactions are easy for them and making customers feel heard and understood. We need to make sure our products and services are easy to understand, easy to apply for and easy to maintain. Customer Centricity is a key part of PNB MetLife’s Enterprise Strategy, and a critical enabler to fulfilling the brand promise we make to customers – ensuring that what we say and what we do are exactly the same. Customer Centricity is the business model for how we will operate at PNB MetLife. Changing to this new operating model requires that we think and act differently. We typically consider our customers to be the people paying for the product or receiving the benefits. This said, PNB MetLife focuses its customer centric activities on all of the people, internal and external, involved in selling, servicing and maintaining our products as well as the end customer who pays the bill and is insured. Whether we directly interact with customers or work behind the scenes, as employees, we all have a role to play in becoming a...
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