Customer Care Essay for Alpha Computer Services

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Customer Care

In todays competitive environment, the issue of customer relations has become ever more important. With such wide choices available to the customer, the slightest dissatisfaction can easily result in customer taking their business else where. There are many methods available for an organisation to establish and maintain positive relationships with customer to help them retain their business. Communication is one of the most important methods as it covers many aspects of customer interaction. Having good communications with customers greatly improves relations with them.This bond is created when customers know that the organisation is: Competent

Concerned about them
Communicates with them
Courteous to them

Three basic communication skills make up the foundation of customer care: Maintain or improve customers self esteem
listen and show you understand
Ask for ideas and other suggestions

Body Language
Body Language is one of the best communicators for firms if it can be interpreted correctly. It is a constant form of communication emitted by the customer but it is not always right. Some examples of body language are that if the customer is tapping their fingers they would seem bored or impatient or, if the customers arms are crossed it looks like they are defensive and unwilling to listen. However, these interpretations can be wrong as the customer could have had their arms crossed because they were feeling cold. Staff must also be aware that people from different countries and cultures use different body languages, so staff should be careful not to generalise people. Body language will also be interpreted by customers so staff should be conscious of their stature at all times. They should look approachable and relaxed, ready to help the customer with their every need. Through training staff can learn to interpret body language better to allow them to give an imporved service. Role play between staff is a good way to practice as they can portray various body languages.

it is essential that staff listen to their customers, although this may sound simple, it is a very demanding task. Listening is not the same as hearing, staff must also understand and remember the information so they can help the customer. There are however some lisening barriers that can distort the information being communicated. Staff may have traits that possess these listening barriers such as, interrupting the customer or cherry picking which is when they listen for a key piece of information and then switch off. Statistically it has been shown that we spend 80% of our waking hours communicating, 45% of which is listening. But we only listen to about 25% of the information, therefore we forget, ignore or distort 75% of what we hear. So it is in the organisation's interest that thay encourage and train their staff to listen to their full potential. Training staff in different listening techniques would useful and also the use of role play.

People behave in the way in which they believe they can get the results they want. Staff who deal with customers can change the behaviour of the customer by altering the style that they deal with the customer. People speak or behave in 3 different ways: Aggressive


Aggressive people are all take and no give, they stand firm to what they believe and have no queys about how other people feel. Passive people are very subdued and dont stand up for their rights. They live on the belief that their personal need is less important than the needs of others. An assertive person will state clearly what they want or believe without violating the right of other people. Ideally, a firm would want their staff to be assertive in most situations. Assertive speech is relaxed, conveyed in an evan tone and uses suggestive words like “I think” and “I would like”. If the customer is angry, the staff member should not take...
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