Customer Benefit Package

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Customer Benefit Package – Walmart versus Luxury Clothier
Walmart is no one of the largest retail stores in North America. It is considered to be one of the most efficiently run retail business worldwide. To compare Walmart to luxury retailers has numerous contrasting factors both in goods and services provided. The most significant factor is the price when comparing Walmart to luxury retailers. Walmart is committed to saving its customers money so they can live a better life; this is why their products are reasonably priced goods whereas luxury retailers tend be highly priced. Walmart’s mission statement: “People, Saving Money, Living a Better Live” To contrast the Customer Benefit Package of Walmart against a luxury clothier for purchasing a new formal dress, there are many contributing factors. Depending on the person will dictate the types of benefits from the products to satisfy your needs. Typical sources of a Customer Benefit Package are GOOD COMPARATIVE PRICE, GOOD QUALITY, GOOD WARRANTY SERVICES, REPUTABLE COMPANY, KNOWN PRODUCT/BRAND, LOW AFTER-SALES COSTS, PROMPT DELIVERY, WELL DESIGNED PRODUCT, FASHIONALBE, and EASE OF PURCHASE AND RELIABLILITY. Price, Walmart has definitely an advantage over its competitors particularly a luxury clothier for the purchase of a formal dress. I would like to compare Walmart to Lane Fashions; this is a local luxury ladies shop in my local community. Lane prices are definitely higher than Walmart, but in terms of quality, Lane sources out quality products to consumers and this is a quality that the customer expects as compared to Walmart, which has limits on their stocks on per style, per season based on purchase cost. Shopping at luxury clothier gives the customer a sense of pride knowing that not too many others will have the same item in their closet. Luxury clothiers are focused on quality, style and design for their business. Lane Fashions carries numerous well-known brands, for example Artex, Bianca...
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