Topics: Bankruptcy in the United States, United States bankruptcy law, Customer service Pages: 8 (1001 words) Published: February 23, 2014
 Frederick Community College
BU 274-1 Customer Relations Index# 1968
Fall 2013

Class Starts:
January 27, 2014
Class Ends:
May 16, 2014
Last day to withdraw:
April 12, 2014

Instructor Information:
Name: Samantha Robertson
Office: N/A
Cell Number: 443-206-4586
Office Hours: Available on request
Campus Mail Box Number: 750

Course Information:
Credits: 3

Prerequisites: EN 50, EN 52
Co-requisites: None
On-campus Meetings: N/A
Meeting Time: Online

Course Description:
Examines the role of customer relations in business and emphasizes the theory and practice of developing, fostering and managing relationships between the company and the customer. The course will focus on those practices that lead to customer loyalty and retention. Value equation applications and a systems approach to service excellence are introduced in the course. The course will also address building excellent customer relations into the mission of the company and committing to customer service as competitive advantage.

Core Learning Outcomes:
By the completion of the course students will:
1. Describe the role of the associate and management in developing and maintaining customer relations. 2. Describe the ways in which customer relations policy can add value to the product and affect the profitability of an organization. 3. Analyze various methods of handling conflict between the company and the customer. 4. Create a customer mystery shopper form.

5. Identify the various techniques of gathering information from the customer. 6. Describe customer relations in terms of both product differentiation and market advantage. 7. Evaluate the four step model of customer relations standards.

Instructional Methods:
Lecture and related online discussion activities
Multimedia presentations
Group exercises/discussions
Homework problem-solving reviews
Text for the Course:
Required: Customer Service: Career Success through Customer Satisfaction, Fifth Edition, Paul R. Timm, 2014, Prentice Hall Publishing Company with the companion access code for the textbook Online Resources

Time Commitment for Academic Success
At Frederick Community College, in all online credit courses, students are expected to invest a minimum of 37 hours of “time on task” per credit. For example, in a 3-credit online course, students can expect to spend 112 hours for their course work. In a traditional 15-week, 3-credit online course, students should expect to invest an average minimum of 7.5 hours of course work per week. In a 3-credit hybrid course students are expected to spend at least 18 hours of on-campus instructional time and should invest a minimum of 94 additional hours of ”time on task” for course work.

Evaluation Methods:
Point Value
Final Grade Scale
Chapter Case Studies (1-14) 20 points each
A = 90-100%
Chapter Activities (1-14) 15 points each
B = 80-89%
Chapter Quizzes (1-14)
10 points each
C = 70-79%
Chapter Discussion Board (1-14) 5 points each
D = 60-69%
Test 1
F = 0-59%
Test 2
Secret Shopper Paper


Examination Policy: All exams must be taken when scheduled unless prior notification is received. Failure to notify the instructor in advance may result in penalties being assessed at the instructor’s discretion. All assignments must be turned in when due. Failure to do so may result in penalties being assessed at the instructor’s discretion.

Progress Report:
Students will receive a graded evaluation by the sixth week of the class, but can inquire via BlackBoard at any time.

Participation Policy:
Your presence online is expected.
1. You are expected to review and complete all assignments by the due date and time. You should receive feedback on assignments within a week unless otherwise specified. 2. You are expected to read the Course Announcements at...
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