Curriculum Adoption

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S W School District Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum Design and Assessment

March 2012

S W School District Curriculum Adoption
Though curriculum is often looked upon as just what is being taught in the classroom, since I have begun to study it, I have found it to be much more. Curriculum is the accumulation of learning experiences provided to all students, lessons intended explicitly for the classroom and lessons, both explicit and implied, meant for the course of living. The process of curriculum adoption, specifically new textbook adoption, within the S W School District begins with the district’s recognition of the need for new textbooks. The need for new textbooks arises about every seven years, budget permitting. The S W School District is a Program Improvement school district and must follow strict guidelines when adopting new textbooks. One of these guidelines is to hire a DAIT (District Assistance and Intervention Team) consulting group and follow their requirements for textbook adoption. After recognizing the need for new textbooks, the S W School District’s Curriculum Council creates a Textbook Adoption sub-committee. The sub-committee becomes familiar with grade-level standards, state blueprints and frameworks. “Although we are a Program Improvement school, I feel we have benefitted from the process as a whole. With the DAIT requirements in-hand, the sub-committee looks at the California State approved list of textbooks, making sure the textbooks correlate with the California State Standards, blueprints and frameworks they have studied. Our choices are the most up to date adopted textbooks. ( personal communication, March 19, 2012) After consulting all references, the sub-committee narrows the choices to about three to the remaining stakeholders. Where many districts are given a variety of publisher offerings, the S W School District’s choices...
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