Critical Reading Final 2

Topics: Television, Media violence research, Violence Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: August 24, 2013
After reading the article on Image busters by Todd Gitlin you will see that the author provided the best argument. The Authors purpose in this article was made clear and supported by the evidence. The author’s purpose was to educate the reader on the severity of who is to blame for the amount of violence in society today and is it to blame on television. TV is being called a “major determinant” regarding media violence. The author is matter of fact and provides support in the majority of his statements. The premises of this article are on if television contributes to the violence in our society today.

When reading this article it gives you a lot of insight on how the media can contribute to a lot of violence on the street. The author states in the conclusion that, for that matter the drug epidemic, the crisis of the family and the shortage of serious jobs that the image busting campaigns permit without having to take on specific associations. The author seems to have a mutual bias in this article he seems to support his facts with evidence but at the same time also justifies how television shows could not be to blame for all the violence in America. He seems to be open minded and take all of the facts into consideration when writing this article. This gives the reader a fair shot at making up their own decision by having information on both sides of the story.

After reading Imagebusters the article has some assumptions from the author such as he states in his first sentence that “ I consider Hollywood’s slashes, splatters, chain saws and car crashes a disgrace, a degradation of culture and a wound to the souls of producers and consumers alike. He also gives a conservative argument in paragraph six by saying that our culture looks to violence to resolve conflicts, and parental authority so the author is giving a broad range of things that actually could be contributing to the violence in America today. A metaphor is used to describe how today’s censorious...
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