CP Chicken: its service

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Exploring Basics
Tangibility Spectrum:
CP Fried Chicken is classified as a service, also has many tangible components such as food, the packaging and so on.

Figure: Tangibility Spectrum
In this case CP Fried Chicken as a Fast-Food outlet is in the middle of the Spectrum and it is playing a role of both Tangibility and Intangibility.

Four Characteristics of CP Fried Chicken Services:
Services are said to be intangible. CP is an experience good. The intangible parts of service provided by CP include the convenience it provides with its small outlets around every corner. CP provides fast & efficient service.CP serves hot & fresh foods to each customer, using its state of the art kitchen equipment. It ensures food quality with proper equipment. The employees are trained to handle such equipment with ease. The environment in CP varies according to outlets. While some outlets allow sitting arrangements& encourage family friendly environment, others are more like buy & move on.Pricing in services are difficult because it is intangible. But CP has the advantage here because of some of the tangible parts of the service.

CP Fried Chicken has inseparability problem. In CP customers can affect each other as there are no separate zones for different types of customers.For this reason, CP Fried Chicken creates a critical incident where customer and the service provider are all the time facing each other; for which there is a chance to be satisfied or retained for the customer. Customers are ordering their product and CP service provider starts their process to serve them instantly.The customer has chances to observe their activities and evaluate them at that time. CP Fried Chicken is overcoming the challenges in mass production of services through multiple outlets to a geographically widespread target market.

CP Fried Chicken is provided in a different location and each of them is being served by different people.For this it is quite possible that all of them will not provide service in the same manner.For example, a CP service provider of Bashundhara Branch is more smiling and friendly than Rampura Bazar Branch. Perishability:

The service provided by the CP Fried Chicken cannot be returned or resold. They can inventory their raw food for a limited period; however a CP Fried Chicken outlet cannot inventory the entire service experience.Supply & demand cannot be matched;extra amount of cooked food might waste away. Spare capacity in the system on a Thursday evening cannot be saved for the Friday evening peak.

7Ps of Marketing Mix:
1. Product: CP Fried Chicken is a Fast-Food outlet. They serve their product fast and fresh. They follow standardization for their product. Service is more heterogeneous because there is some inconsistency in their service. Their production and consumption is not inseparable because their product can be taken at home. The process they follow to produce their product is much more reliable because of their concern about nutrition. They are maintaining a product line with lots of chicken product like;

Jumbo Set
Four piece plus Four Piece plus Eight Piece
One Sauce
One Sauce
One Sauce
Spicy Chicken
Per Piece
Hot Wing
Per Set
Masala Chicken
Per Piece Plus One Sauce
Masala Chicken-Leg
Party Set
Four Piece Plus Four Piece Plus Eight Piece
Chicken Ball
Per Stick
Chicken Sausage
Per Stick
One Sauce
Hot Dog

Newly they are introducing Spicy Chicken Ball

They have recently added CP Chicken Nuggets on 14th February 2013.

An innovative product Vegetable Ball

CP Fried Chicken sells their Chicken Ball and Chicken Sausages at their outlet. This takes less price than the complete product.

CP Fried Chicken is a Brand having two brand elements like; Logo and Color Logo:

Color: Red and Yellow...

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