Corporate Governance and Corporative Social Responsibility of HandM

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Organization Strategy and Design

Task: Choose an existing company and comment its governance structure and its activities according to the corporative social resposibility.

For this analysis I chose H&M, the world’s second largest apparel retailer. According to a report in Global Apparel Markets, from the business information company Textiles Intelligence, H&M is considered one of the most environmentally responsible players in the global apparel industry. Corporate governance

H&M is a Swedish public limited company that is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. H&M’s corporate governance includes shareholders, Board of Directors, Managing Director, Auditing Committee, executive management team and country managers and is based on external laws, regulations and recommendations as well as internal rules. The Annual General Meeting is H&M’s highest decision-making body. The Election Committee safeguards the shareholders’ interests and has a preparatory role ahead of the Annual General Meeting, including as regards motions on the composition of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors manages the company’s affairs on behalf of the shareholders. H&M’s Board of Directors is led by the Chairman of the Board. The Board of Directors appoints the Managing Director, who is resposible for the daily management of the company in accordance with instructions issued by the Board. The Auditing Committee monitors the company’s financial reporting and is the main channel of Communications between the Board and the company’s auditors. The administration of the company by the Board and Managing Director, and the financial reporting by the company are reviewed by the auditors appointed by the Annual General Meeting. H&M corporate core values

Managers and employees are guided by the import ant internal documents such as the Code of Ethics, which also provides a basis for the strong values encapsulated in „the spilit of H&M – including common sense, continuous improvement,...
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