Topics: Law, Profit, Management Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Answer for Kardell case.
1. The stakeholders are :
1. Jack Green – a young engineer who was assistant production manager and a father of two daughters. 2. Two business persons of Riverside.
3. A representative of the paperworkers’ union at the plant. 4. A Riverside city counsillor.
5. The corporation’s legal counsel.

2. The most importance stakeholder is Jack Green. He was the one who are aware about the consequences of Sonox usage which can effects on the ecology and public health. The rises of the miscarriages and respiratory disorder makes him in ethical dilemma. 3. The quality of the board of directors’ debates showed that they are governance failure at the Board level. Incompetence to understand the control and reporting system and also conflicts of interest. The goal of the business is to make profit. That is why the CEO told Jack “we simply can’t let these “greens” tell us how to run our business”. 4. Actually the Board of Directors is in ethical dilemma. They know that the plant gives bad impact to the environment and public health but on the other side they have to responsible to the business profit and also consideration of the job loss for the employees. That is why the board defers the Jack’s proposals and asked him to monitor the regulatory climate so that the plant would always be in basic compliance with provincial emission standards. Because of that Jack also took the same action by keeping the copies of his warning reports for the future. 5. The stakeholders involved are Kardell’s employees, investors, Riverside citizens and also the Legal Council. The employees have concerns about the health and safety issues linked to Sonox. They must be confirmed they are free from Sonox Poisoning and receive a free medical treatment if they are confirmed infected. The investors cares about this issue because Kardell most likely have to make improvements in the filtering of waste water or convert to a system of recycled water. Any changes that shut...
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