Coperate Gorvernance

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Executive summary:
Cadbury Report (1992) stated that “corporate governance is the process by which companies and directed and controlled” (cited in Tricker, 2009). In other words, it helps the corporate entities increase the value provided to the organisation’s various stakeholders. Therefore, appropriate corporate governance plays a very important role in development of organisations. This review will define corporate governance and some of its concepts (through the paper). Following, the review will give a Memorandum or a general introduction about Nufarm, which is a publicly listed company and then consider the structure, process and effectiveness of its governance. Besides, the paper will mention about areas such as the composition and responsibilities of the Nufarm Board of Directors, and disclose policies, codes of conduct adopted by the company, which are relevant to the company’s governance scopes. Finally, from information and analyses, there are some recommendations for the Nufarm to achieve appropriate improvements. For example, the company’s governance should recognise and adhere to all relevant laws and regulations and meets high standards with respect to honesty and integrity. In addition, the company should have open and effective communications with its shareholders and the general investment community. Furthermore, the company should have effective methods to review drivers of governance, etc.

Table of contents
II.What is corporate governance?3
III.General introduction about Nufarm, information of the company (Memorandum)3
IV.The Structure, process and effectiveness of the Nufarm’s governance4
The Scope of the company’s Corporate Governance influences the company’s codes:7

I. Introduction
Recently, the appearance of high-profile corporate failures, scandals and executive corruption arises the requirement for organisations to follow appropriate corporate governance structures, processes standards and practices.

The aim of this paper...

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Tricker, B. 2009, Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices, Oxford University Press.

Nufarm website 2012, <>, viewed 15 July, 2012.

ASX website 2012, Nufarm Limited (NUF), <>, viewed 15 July, 2012.
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