Consumer Viewing Habits of India in 2019

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Consumer Viewing Habits of India in 2019
“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”, as put by Edward Teller. 5 years down the lane, we would not see a vibrant change in the viewing habits of Indians but a bold and a strong modification & a continuation of what is going on in the present. Of course, science has bought half of the world into the digitalization mode. Let us view now how this “viewing” of TV would take us in future. Television was always our partner in crime and joy, it was a personification in the form of a mother, teacher, lover as at every point of time, it taught us something or the other from it. It continues to hold our attention for two reasons even today. Firstly because of the quality and choice of content, secondly because a huge range of interfaces have evolved to suit every taste and lifestyle of different cultures. We can easily control how and when we watch TV by creating our own TV schedules from the abundance of content available, or tuning in on a mobile device. We have more choice than ever before. Consumer viewing habits now involve so much more than just the living room TV and traditional broadcast services. Today people take their entertainment wherever they want. Digitalization took its colour, IPTV, usage of social media and Internet based connections changed the habits of all the consumers in terms of viewership (If looked from back). Now this will seek a hike in growth in the next coming years as the engrossment & engagement in it would seek more highlights. We’re no longer just consumers of TV - we are becoming the masters of our own choice. 2012 was considered as the landmark year of TV for various new booms like the final switch from analogue to digital and the launch of newer services such as internet and mobile TV, this change is still continuing & would continue to exist as India would see a change in economies, lifestyle and mentality. This change in viewing points out to the consumer’s ideology of...

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Name – Anie Noorish Shaikh
MBA Sophomore
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