Consumer Buying Behaviour

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A Project report


consumer buying behavior (cbb)

of t.v. sets

Session 2009-11

Submitted by:Group # 03

section a

PGDM (General) sem- 1

Submitted to: Ms Shivani Bali


Quantitative Methods

for Management.


Contents Page No.

1. Title Page 1

2. Student’s Undertaking3

3. Acknowledgement 4

4. Executive Summary 5

5. Introduction to the problem6

6. Rationale and Scope of Study7

7. Objective of Study 8

8. Research Methodology9

9. Company Profile10-11

10. Annexure12-13
- Questionnaire

Student’s Undertaking

We hereby declare that the synopsis entitled “CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR TELEVISIONS SETS” submitted for the degree of Master of Business Administration, is our original work and the project report has not formed the basis for the award of any diploma, degree, associate ship, fellowship or similar other titles. It has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma.

Place: LBSIM Delhi Group-3

Date: 30TH July 2009 PGDM Trimester 1


The research on “CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR TELEVISION SETS” has been given to us as part of the curriculum in 2-Years Masters Degree in Business Administration. We have tried our best to present this information as clearly as possible using basic terms that we hope will be comprehended by the widest spectrum of researchers, analysts and students for further studies.

We have completed this study under the able guidance and supervision of Prof. Shivani Bali will be failed in my duty if we do not acknowledge the esteemed scholarly guidance, assistance and knowledge. We have received from them towards fruitful and timely completion of this work.

Mere acknowledgement may not redeem the debt. We owe to our parents for their direct/indirect support during the entire course of this project.

Executive Summary

Consumers' buying behaviour is divergent and situational. For durable products, such behaviour has got different dimensions altogether. To make the study simple and informative, colour television is used to represent the consumer durable markets. Television, as a product, is getting the status of essential commodity all over the world. The potential of TV market is indeed quite enormous. The Indian consumers were indifferent in choosing the brand since a lot of close substitutes were available in the market. However, they have changed ever since the India liberalized its economy. Choosing the right brand of television is difficult enough when there were half a dozen brands and all of these claimed to give excellent picture quality. Marketing managers are interested not only in the product but also the behaviour of the consumers because it gives them the right orientations for product development and positioning. The level of consumer's satisfaction provides the scope for repeated purchases and brand loyalty that lead to optimum profitability. This research finds that consumers' perception on buying colour television is mostly affected by the factors, such as, structural add-ons, words of mouth, technical features, durability, ground reality etc.


In today’s competitive scenario, business organizations in India are most worried about the future uncertainty....
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