Consumer Behaviour - Decision making process when purchasing a television

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Owning high involvement products such as televisions satisfies the innate desire and sense of belongingCITATION Mac06 \t \l 2057 (Hoyer & Maclnnis, 2008). However, Reynolds & Olson (2001) propose the DMP undergone by consumers is much more complex than an everyday product, as they are superficial. The motivation of an individual affects the type of television bought as a reflection of the personally selected goals. The high criteria of consumer requirements such as; attentiveness to price, brand perception and functionality means consumers decision is cognitive, requiring extensive self-research and problem solving efforts. Consumer’s decisions, defined as ‘the selection of an option from two or more alternative choices’ CITATION Sch10 \t \l 2057 (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010) are of high importance to organisations seeking to gain a competitive advantageCITATION Hoy06 \t \l 2057 (Hoyer & Maclnnis, 2006). Schiffman & Kanuk (2010) suggest understanding the DMP can inform effective promotional strategies in an attempt to appeal to consumers. Conversely, it can be difficult as consumer behaviour are often influenced by attitudes and social norms. The television market is worth around £3.1billion and has been in decline over the last four years (-11.94%) and set to continue to 2017 (Appendix 1b). Moreover, Mintel (2013) denotes that the market has witnessed both value and volume declines of 10.6% and 6.6%, respectively. With 56 million sets within 26 million households in the UK, the market is saturated and recent innovations have been unsuccessful (Mintel, 2013). Consequently, demand has stagnated, as Mintel (2012) suggests consumers are more concerned with screen size (35%) and picture quality...

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Appendix 2 - Analysis of QuestionnairesSection 1
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