Confucianism Releveant in China

Topics: Chinese culture, Confucianism, China Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Confucianism Still Relevant in Chinese Business
Bill Yancey
Bellarmine University

Confucianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the ethical teachings of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher and teacher of ethics. The philosophy focuses on moral order, loving humanity, honoring parents, and establishing harmony in thought and conduct. Some people say that the philosophy which was created in 5th century B.C. is no longer relevant in Chinese culture, but the number of people who believe in its relevance far exceeds those who don’t. The evidence that supports Confucianism’s relevance is overwhelmingly obvious, and it can most easily be observed through the way Chinese business is conducted. Throughout this paper different aspects of Chinese business will be explored, and it the drastic differences between it and American business will be noted. Confucianism as a whole was created in the hopes of attaining a well ordered society. Confucius believed that this was possible by having a nation that would only be governed by virtuous men. He wanted a society that was led by moral persuasion as opposed to one that was governed by fear of being punished. The philosophy goes on to note that this society would only be attainable through attaining harmony. When the philosophy was first brought into practice peace and centrality was spread throughout the country. The ideology began to spread and many countries in the eastern hemisphere began to adapt to the philosophy. Because the philosophy was created in the 5th century, many people believe that it has no relevance; however, thousands of researchers would argue against that by saying that the values are still clearly present in modern China. Mingyan Tang (2012), a Chinese born author and cross cultural examiner, says Confucianism’s can be best summarized as “virtue as the foundation, group as the importance, and harmony as the quintessence.” (P. 1) Throughout her essay she goes on to note how these three vital characteristics...

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