Confucianism Paper

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Confucianism paper
Romaine Stewart
May 11, 2015
Robert Rowland

Confucianism paper
Confucianism is the ethical and philosophical system developed by a Chinese philosopher called Confucius. The followers of this religion main concern is humanistic, they are mainly concern in making sure everything goes according to the teachings. This religion focus on making everyone follow a path of righteousness, do good to others and the same will follow. The purpose of this paper is to explore the teachings of this religion, the history of relationships within this religion, how people are expected to act within the religion and the communication of the Chinese culture within this religion. The five great relationships that are associated with this religion is said to be highly effective, so much that it is said by the followers of this religion that if all these are practice according to belief, there is a high probability that harmony will be achieved. The first set of responsibilities within this relationship is kindness to the father and obedience to the son. Gentility is the eldest brother and humility and respect from the team of youngest brothers in this case (Biggs, 2010). The third and most respected relationship is the expectance of righteous behavior, which is to be expected from everyone. The fourth relationship of this religion is humane consideration, while the fifth and final relationship is benevolence is the final one of these great relationships. The actions of an ideal person within the Confucianism religion are highly expected. There are several different expectations within this religion that were taught by Confucius, but the most important one is the manner in which people are expected to act when faced with different situations. Confucianism expects an ideal person to have good moral characters while having the respect to engage people with a productive manner (Yeung & Tung, 2012). The foundation adopted by this organization...

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