Confucian Parenting

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Confucian Parenting Style
Throughout history, the Confucian style of parenting has gained the attention of many parents in Asian countries. This authoritative style of parenting began in the Asian country of China. The whole idea of Confucian parenting is based on Confucianism, which is a culture based on proverbs and teachings of their leader, Confucius. Traditional Chinese and Confucius culture emphasizes strong interdependent relationship between parents and children. The traditional belief [of Confucian parenting] is that if parents assist children with their educational opportunities and advancement, their children, as adults, will be in a solid position to care for them in old age (New horizons and challenges in China’s public schools for parent involvement). Based on Confucianism, Chinese parental involvement in education shows a positive influence in grades, child development, and future people skills.

In Chinese parenting, grades are the utmost important value in life. Grades shows a child's progress in not only school, but also in life in general. Believing education as the beginning [step] on the ladder leading to future success and better life, Chinese parents try their best to provide their only child with the best education (New horizons and challenges in China’s public schools for parent involvement). Before a child goes to school, parents insist on teaching their children the basics of Confucius teachings. One of the Confucius teachings say that complete and utmost respect for elders is always expected (Hoobler, Thomas 15).

Freyre 1 Since the children know this they are more likely to excel in learning by showing respect and attention towards their teachers. Respect for teachers and the school environment show an upward gain in grades and academics. In Chinese people's minds, teachers are the only experts in the educational field and therefore deserve much respect. This notion...
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