Computr Based Interactive Learning System

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Chapter II

Research Method/Design
The researchers will make use of the V – Model methodology approach in the development process of the computer-based instruction system in mathematics of PLT preparatory school. This will guide the researchers achieve their goals towards the said study in informative and user friendly method.

PLT College, Inc. is a non – stock, non – profit educational corporation. The Corporation was formed to be an educational institution of higher learning, administered by its Board of Trustees. As embodied in its “Articles of Incorporation” and “By Laws”, the corporate powers of PLT College, Inc. shall be exercised, its business conducted, and its property controlled by the Board of Trustees. The Board shall be composed of five (5) members and a Chairman shall be elected by the members of the corporation from among themselves. The term of office of the board members is 5 years. PLT College, Inc. started as PLT Computer and Technical Services on September 1989. The founder and the first chairman of the Board of Trustees was Engr. Purisimo L. Tiam, a visionary man and a computer enthusiast. Mrs. Ma. Nonette O. Tiam, his very supportive wife became the first President. Barely 9 months after it was granted by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS) permit to operate as a school and was named PLT Computer Technical School, it offered two year courses, namely, Management Information System Analysis and Design (MISAD) and the Computer Operation Specialist Course (COSC). Gradually, more courses were introduced: two-year Software Development Course (SDC) on June 1991 and two-year Computer Secretarial Course (ECSC) October 1991. The following year, it was granted by the DECS the authority to operate as a College. On October 1991, the college was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as PLT College, Inc. and was approved on January 27, 1992. Several programs were offered...
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