Computer Technology in War

Topics: World War II, Computer, Nuclear weapon Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: June 5, 2012

Wars in any form is a black spot in the face of mankind. Mankind which is regarded to be highest form of all the living species was supposed to live in harmony and peace. But with increasing needs, and an urge to excel over others and rule led mankind to take up weapons and fight against each others.

Technology has had an immense impact on the wars and battles fought in history. The two world wars - World War 1 and World War 2 are living examples to it. Development of rockets, missiles, air borne bombs, high speed air crafts are a few examples of the technology that was prevalent during the world wars.

The first digital computers were created during the 1940s that was regarded to be boon to human race soon became a threat. In an era which is mostly regulated by science and technology computers became a smooth and an effective to conduct battles and cause mass destruction in a very little time.

Using computers for cyber crimes, hacking into personal records, loss of data integrity are a few of the examples that can be achieved using computer technology very easily. The latest fall of the media baron Rupert Murdoch and his company “The news of the world” is one such example of hacking using computer technology.

Lately, developing automated robots or robotics has proven to be a major boost in the computer technology. These automated machines can be used to perform homely domestic chores as well as conduct deadly leather wars. Using computer technology in military affairs is also on the rise. this method calls for accuracy ,tremendous R&D and a high level of precision .

Nuclear technology, creating cyborgs and wars that are fought in cyberspace are the effects of computer science in the history of our wars presently. Besides it becomes easy to fight a war in cyber space than in the battle grounds.

Military weapons have been in use since a very long...
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