Compare the Methods Used to Distribute Two Selected Products and Services

Topics: Customer, Good, Sales Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Compare the methods used to distribute two selected products and services In this report I will be comparing methods used by two different retailers on how they distribute two chosen products, of my choice, in two different retailing sectors. Seeing as the food and clothing sector both have very different styles of how they meet their product requirements, I will compare Tesco and JD; The products from these two companies itself that I’m going to compare is ‘Tesco Value Bread’ and Nike hoodies. For the food retailing sector (Tesco) there are many different departments that address what type of design is necessary for the distribution chain, the types that are available for a company such as Tesco is: frozen, chilled, and fresh foods, with packed goods too. However, for the clothing sector (JD) for a product like Nike hoodies JD need to consider various things like amount of the specific product they want, how they’re going to get them (whether it’s overseas or not) and will they have enough to reach customer demand, etc. Tesco have manufacturers that mass produce products such as their ‘Tesco Value Bread’ to keep up with their customer satisfaction in quantity. The goods travel from the manufacturer to the actual retailer (Tesco) and from there it’s sold directly to the customer for their consumption or any other need. However, for the Nike Hoodies to get to the customer Nike have to go through additional steps to get their item out on the market. As always, the product, in this case Nike hoodies, start off being massed produced by the manufacturer, which then get sent off to the wholesaler- which would be Nike; After all of this the final adjustments are done to the good (Nike hoodie) it’s sent to retailers, mainly abroad, for them to sell it directly to the customers. These two products production processes are quite different as they go through different their production quality is very different. Plus, the amount of time it takes to produce each product...
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