compae and contrasting narrative and descriptive

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When it comes to a descriptive and a narrative essay I feel that a narrative essay is a better essay to write. There are few key details when writing this type of essay that makes it stand out. In this paper I will compare and contrast a narrative or descriptive essay. I will also talk about why I choose narrative as my preferred method of writing an essay

The event, or plot, of the narration may come from your own personal experience, or it may be a hypothetical situation or an event that you imagine. (ch 6.3 pa.1 s. 1) May be simply to entertain or engage the reader, or the story might have a more specific purpose such as to share a personally significant event or to teach a lesson, or moral. (Ch. 6.3 Pa. 2 sen.1) To have impact, we must tell a story that grabs and holds the audience's attention, provides important and appropriate details, and discusses events in a clear and well-organized sequence. (ch 6.3 Pa. 2 Sen. 60) All good narrations make a point and have a clear purpose. (Ch 6.3 Pa.4 Sen. 2) You incorporate creative tension capture to hold the audience interest

When we describe a person, place, object, or event, we provide details about its physical characteristics. (Ch 6.4 Pa. 1 Sen. 2) Effective description requires using carefully chosen language that creates the visual image you want readers to have of your story's subject. Good description

using language that elicits emotional responses from your readers Descriptive language express an evaluation of something
carefully informed and that does not exaggerate
To help readers see what I am describing I have to compare it to something they might already know

As you can tell a narrative is more interesting than a descriptive essay. You can have fun with it. You would have an easier time writing an essay. Doesn’t everyone love a good story? With a Descriptive essay you really have to think hard. You can’t be to be creative. The reason being is because it is...
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