Communication In Customer Service 3

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Communication in customer service:

First, we are going to start which an activity, which is Chinese Whisper. In which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group.

Aims and objectives:
1. To give the opportunity to look at different communication methods 2. To allow to identify the different types of communication under each method: Verbal
3. To know how and when to effectively use each method

There are different types of communication that skills are required for each situation. Communication takes on different characteristics as the situations changes. Now we are going to look to three different communication methods, which are: Verbal



Definition: is sharing information between individuals by using speech. Individuals working within a business need to effectively use verbal communication between employees and customers, but also within the staffs in the organisation. Besides that, communication can be used to train staff in the hotel. When the sender talk to the receiver, the sender will directly speak to the receiver by face to face or by through telephone.

For example, the front office staff will communicate with the customer by face to face when the customer check in to the hotel. Besides that, verbal communication also occur when the customer call up to the front office staff to make a reservation in the hotel. Types:

Face-to-face: Is when the communicator transmits his message in person to the receiver in person verbally. In occurs both in external and internal communication. There are types of face to face communication:

1. Interviews,
2. Meetings,
3. Conferences or video-conference
4. Seminars,
5. Workshops,
6. Class-room lectures,
7. Stage-acting,
8. Public lectures, etc.

The most common used in hotels are:
Conference or video-conference
Seminars in order to train the staff

Principles of effective face to face communication:
Dynamics of effective face to face communication are:
1. In face to face communication at least two individuals (receiver and sender) should be physically and mentally present at the place of communication. 2. There should be proper encoding with most appropriate and pleasing words by sender. 3. There should be proper decoding by the receiver after receiving the message. 4. There should be some (Partial / full) response or feedback. Since it is direct, great care should be taken in the selection of the words, which should be appropriate and polite.

Telephone call:
The guidliness of making a call:
Plan all comments and questions with a paper and pen on hand Return the Greetings
Use simple language
Take notes
Ask questions
Listen carefully

The guidliness for taking a call:
Answer the call promptly
Smile when you speak
Listen carefully
Take down message if necessary
Be patient with a difficult caller

Conference calling: in which three or more persons in different locations participate by means of a central switching unit.

Activity: Now I will show you a video and you will tell me if it’s a good or bad customer service communication and what did they do wrong or bad and what could they improved.

Advice: In order to have a good communication it’s important to:

Smile: Do not pretend to smile since these are easy to spot and send the wrong messages. You should be calm, gain eye contact and smile naturally. This will help the customer to feel welcome. If you are talking to a customer on the telephone then you can still smile, as your voice sounds different when you smile.

Make the customer fell welcome: use an appropriate greeting to make your customers feel welcome. Start with a sincere welcome and you can follow with “how can I help?” in order to indicate that you are there...
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