Topics: Communication, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Communication is an essential part of a successful business, and with modern technology communication can encompass many forms and be transmitted many ways. Communication is an important process of transferring information or thoughts. Communication also is a transactional and relational process involving the meaningful exchange of information. Communication is also a very valuable tool for marketing in business. In today’s age of information, career success is directly connected to good communication, a skill that is made more challenging by tremendous changes in technology, the workforce, work environments and the globalization of business. The most important components of communication are: the sender, the receiver, a message and the feedback. The process involves the sender who formulates, encode and transmit the message after overcoming internal barriers. The receiver receives message, then decode and interpret the message after overcoming internal barriers and prepares a proper answer which is called, the feedback. There are many forms of communication which are verbal and non-verbal. Nonverbal communication is communicating without words but through gesture, body language, facial expression and eye contact. Verbal communication is communicating with words. There are many types of communication in organizations also which are internal and external communication in which internal communication takes place through channels of an organization and internal communication in which communication takes place with audiences or customers who are part of an external environment. When problems can also quickly interfere during communication of people, these are called communication barriers. Types of barriers are interpersonal barriers, this happens when people are not able to listen objectively to the message. Selective listening, which is when the receiver is only partly listening with all his attention to the message. The environment can also be a barrier, noise...
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