Collaterall Learning

Topics: Television, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (635 words) Published: March 2, 2015
Darrius Williams
Prof. Santiago
Collateral Learning

Collateral learning induces lessons that students learn through and by doing other activities. These sorts of things may not be assessed, directly or indirectly, but are the sorts of literacies that are fundamental to what they do. “Television as Teacher” by Neil Postman and “Why Games Are Good for You” by Steven Johnson are both articles that examine different strategies about collateral learning. Postman’s article stated how certain shows on television can affect education. Johnson’s article was similar but his statement is about how learning can be educational by playing videos. Collateral learning can have positive and negative influences on education. In his article “Television as Teacher” scholar and critic Neil Postman gives his views on what exactly educational television is teaching children. For example, “Parents embraced Sesame Street for several reasons, among them that it assuaged their guilt over the fact that they could not or would not restrict their children’s access to television.” Postman is well known for his claims that television causes people to want more and more entertainment out of life, so much that people begin to expect the news to be entertainment as well. Also, Postman argues that educational television does not teach children things like math, letters, or science, but instead it teaches them to expect entertainment out of their education, and because of this, schools must now try to be more entertaining because that is what children are used to. Postman is correct when he explains that parents can have some wrongs on how children are embrace or eager to hope that television could teach children basic knowledge on TV. The essay “Why Games Are Good for You” written by Steven Johnson, was written not to say that video games are any better or worse than reading books, but simply to clear the delusion that video games are a interruption to people who play them....
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