Co-Operative Funeral Care Services: A Report

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The report: Co-operative funeral care

We at Co-operative funeral care are committed to providing clients and their love ones with the best possible customer care using funeral homes, facilities and vehicles, which are maintained to the highest of standards, and to achieve this level of service we have:

Dedicated standard team continually visiting and checking our service and staffs to encourage improvements. There’s also a comprehensive shop programme to ensure we maintain a high level of service. Make use of client service questionnaires, which we ask all our clients to complete. This allows us to understand what our clients rate our service, also to monitor and manage the level of customer service quality we provide.

We at Co-operative funeral care have a customer service satisfaction rating of over 98%, and with over 850 funeral homes operating throughout the UK, our customer have maximum confidence in choosing cooperative funeral, and they know they are dealing with an organisation that has unrivalled knowledge of funeral service and most especially an outstanding customer care culture throughout the UK.

Despite UK consumer confidence reaching its lowest point from 2011, funeral care were still getting excellence Customer Service Index score of 90% in 2012 and even progressing to achieve a score of 93.3%. We understood that even though customers were loyal, supportive and sentimental to our brand, we still had to nurture it carefully by offering high standard customer care service, which in return will help to achieve good commercial success.

To really get a feel of things we also use customer satisfaction index (CSI) to measure customer satisfaction, and to know what we are doing best and where there is room for improvement, in addition we also use the funeral excellence score (FES) based on the quality of customer service received by customers, and also the postal surveys and questionnaire’s to track customer satisfaction.

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